Luxury Safari


Luxury Safari

Whether you grew up out of Africa singing along the lion king or watching Born Free, it’s not difficult to be fascinated by the myths of the African savannah. Since colonial time, Safari has come a long way where hunting was prized over conservation. Nowadays, there are numerous ways to go on a safari. Here are some of them:

Bush Camp Safari

This safari originated from hunters where they would camp in the wilderness for months tracking wild animals. Today bush camping brings you closer to these animals much closer than before. These camps may be mobile, permanent or luxurious.

Lodge Safaris

Lodge safaris come with traditional features and comfy beds. During the safari, you will travel between lodges. However, it’s advisable not to spend more than two days in one hotel to enable you explore other surroundings.

Self-Drive Safaris

Enjoy the wildlife at your own pace by visiting the park when it’s less popular. It’s also ideal where there is no infrastructure. All you have to do is carry your driving license and call your tour company to take care of logistics.

Walking Safaris

A walking safari connects you with the real African culture. Your tour guide will only teach you how to track wildlife, and then you’ll be on your way to discovering what the Savannah has to offer. Some of the best walking safaris include tracking rhino in Namibia and the Maasai Mara in Kenya

Family Safaris

Children love wildlife even more than grown-ups. There are many tour companies that specifically cater for children. South Africa and Kenya are some of the best destination to enjoy a family safari. If you want to know more click on luxury safari.