Roughing it, in Style.


Roughing it, in Style.

Have you ever wanted to go on a safari, but didn’t want to come home looking (and probably smelling) like Steve Irwin? Well they’ve finally released a “glamping” version of going on a safari. It’s called going on a “luxury safari.” The title doesn’t lie either.

You live in luxury by having the Savannah at your finger tips as well as raised bath tubs complete with champagne and rose petals. Some of the “tents” even have their own fireplaces and separate living rooms from the actual bedrooms. So after you come home to a nice luxurious bath to wash off all the sweat and dirt from the day then curl up next the fireplace and read a book before going to bed with your down comforter. Although, the downfall is the price tag on such safaris. The price can range from $250-$2,500 per night per person, which can add up really quickly. But from the sounds of it, it can be really worth the extra money for some people.

So if you’ve always wanted to go out and see elephants and lions in their natural habitat, but never wanted to get dirty or sleep on the cold and hard ground, this is the best way to go. It might have a pretty price tag, but you’ll be the prettiest (and probably cleanest) person on the entire expedition. So get out there and enjoy watching the zebra graze as you sit in the pool on a cliff. Enjoy nature at it’s finest! If you want to know more click on luxury safari.