Luxury Safari

1Itching to see Africa, try a luxury safari. From Southen Africa, East Africa and Uganda a luxury safari will take you and show you the heart of Africa, and give you a true one of a kind experience.

Many luxury safaris are seven nights in exotic African locations. Offering not only one of a kind animal adventures they offer luxury lodging with spa treatments to tents on the African plains. In Botwana one can walk with the elephants and view one of five of the largest preadator herds while relaxing in a lodge or a true African tent. Zambia’s South Luangwa safari offers one a chance to walk with lions and leopards, and to enjoy an evening surrounded by the African animals visible only at night. Tanzania offers the amazing Mount Kilamanjaro and the Ngorogoro Crater where there is a chance to see the largest migration of wildebeasts all the while enjoying experienced and very professional, local guides. In Uganda one can see the fantastic gorillas in a vast and wild jungle along with many big cats. One can also river boat amongst the African hippos at the Sanctuary Zebra Plains. And there at night enjoy a relaxing dinner at one of the luxury lodges. Again, many luxury safaris are either six or seven nights where one can enjoy the tranquility of Africa, much wildlife viewing and have a great cultural safari adventure. Whether you are looking for a jeep safari or river boat safari, just having the chance to enjoy a luxury safari is an adventure.