Luxury Safari

Traveling as a group be it a as close friends, family members, a collection of business associates, or even a circle of specialists, is a must that you have some needs that vary from accommodation, travel needs etc. One of these needs is privacy and maybe exclusive amenities to use, activities and accommodation. Another thing is flexibility, so that you stay the way you may feel better. Going out as a group on a holiday is one way of connecting and bonding with those dearest and nearest to you. In case you are seeking to connect with nature, enjoy great outdoors, or would love to embrace a variety and richness of different cultures, we would like to invite you to hang around one of our many family- friendly camps, lodges or even can join us on our river cruises.

We have friendly guides who are good at offering special activities to children. For instance in Sanctuary Chief’s Camp in Botswana, children activities are offered like safari game drive whereby they will have an opportunity to watch wild dogs, leopards, hyenas as well as lions as they are taught more about these animals or they can even be taken through pathways of the camp looking for animal tracks that passed though on the previous night. Children will be taught on how important nature is through education and fun activities as well as game drives. They will get in touch with nature as the enjoy walking safari on the lodges’ ground collecting leaves, seeds and pods as they get to know more on identification of trees. Our guide will show them how to play different types of games such as croquet on a green lawn in our lodge. After all the games and fun out there, our chefs will teach them how to make pizza. Come all for a lifetime experience.

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