Luxury Safari

wpWhat Is a Safari?

The world is full of animals, but some of the most interesting animals can be seen on a safari adventure. It is a step back into a time in history when man depended upon the wild for survival. A safari, or over land journey, expedition is defined as way to either hunt or to observe animals. This is most commonly done in Africa, and generally when observing, or hunting, animals considered to be od the big-game variety.

What Animals Can I See on African Safari?

Depending upon what part of Africa you visit, there are many animals to be seen. In Eastern Africa, in countries such as Kenya and Uganda, lions and gorillas can be visited, while in Southern Africa, elephants and leopards are more easily spotted. A qualified guide will make the trip more enjoyable as well as more educational. Not only can a person see animals on safari, he or she can also see beautiful nature, especially trees and plants.

What Is a Luxury Safari?

A safari usually means going into the wild and leaving behind all comforts of home. A luxury safari allows tourists to combine the two things. For example, they can take a trip into big-game territory, but then spend the evening in a nice hotel watching an African sunset. These sanctuaries include waterfront and tented areas as well as treehouses built into the forest. A luxury safari is the perfect way to see the world through new and untamed eyes without sacrificing the modern conveniences of daily life. These luxury safari retreats lead guests to a natural sanctuary with a beautiful setting of the African sky.