Sanctuary Safari


     Sanctuary Retreats offers access to the African bush. It is a very reasonable way to explore Africa where you can walk with elephants or gorillas. You can also attend an African river cruise. Sanctuary Retreats also offers family campgrounds and lodges. Walking with elephants in Botswana is quite the experience Sanctuary Retreats features in their catalog. The location is the Okavango Delta where you can stay at the Sanctuary Stanley’s Camp or the Sanctuary Baines’ Camp. You can walk in the big footsteps of the elephants all through the wild. You will learn about how elephants find food, how they collect leaves from branches, and how they use lagoons to bathe. Walking through the wilderness with an elephant is quite the experience. It is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The amount of guests required for this trip is two guests minimum and 10 at the most.

Walking with the gorillas is another Sanctuary Retreat experience in Uganda. The gorilla’s habitat is in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, which is in southwestern Uganda. This forest is made up of bamboo and other types of trees. The forest contains 1,000 species of birds as well as wildlife and 350 mountain gorillas. You can also attempt to see the Masai Mara safari in Kenya where there is quarry including big cats as well as wildebeast. There are many lions in the Mara along with zebra, giraffe, and gazelle. You can also choose to book a vacation at Sanctuary Olonana is a tented camp where “Out of Africa” was filmed which is a move that was released in 1985, somewhat based on the book, published in 1937. The movie is about a wealthy Danish woman who meets and marries a big game hunter. Book a Sanctuary Retreat today.

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